Life Centre Events – Sustainability Statement


At Life Centre Events we aim for excellence in all areas that affect our clients, staff and our environment and for the coming years, we want to gain even more momentum on our sustainability status. We want to leave our City in a way we would like to find it, making a conscious effort with every means possible to make ready for the next generation to use.


Here at Life Centre Events, we have a modern 21st Century building, which is well insulated and cuts down the need for heating the venue to full capacity.  We also source our energy ethically, which is done through our energy providers.  To cut down on wastage on our surface water we have an ecosystem in place, which works effectively.

Carbon Footprint:

We use local produce, which means lower car emissions, and we are supporting the farming and local suppliers supporting Yorkshire in a time of recession. We endeavor to use staffing that lives locally and can attend working hours with no or limited transport to cut down on emissions. Our venue is also a short walk from the Bradford train and bus station, which for attendees allows, them to attend events without their cars. We also have a gas and electric policy that mitigates our carbon footprint.


We take great care in the recycling of plastic, glass and cardboard and our general waste goes to a compactor to reduce the landfill. After conferences, our usable leftover food is sent to a homeless charity in our City to cut down on waste.

Sustaining others:

As a conference centre, we give all of our profits to a local charity that seeks to help the community and meet the needs required, we hope to see the people of Bradford have a better quality of life by us doing what we can.